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Joy in Jobperformance - The Natural Laws of Management | Summary

Many people still look upon work as a curse, as a necessary evil that should be avoided at all costs. Why else has there been an outcry for shorter working hours — for generations?


Certainly, when work really is a curse, employees seldom have any incentive to seize initiative, to take responsibility or even to any kind of job performance at all. Consequently, the poles of the magnet have to be reversed so that employees can achieve the necessary job performance — with joy.


They should no longer have to endure work as drudgery; instead, they should experience it as appealing, as attractive. Thanks to performance with joy, the job can become a place of fascination. How does a job look where performance with joy can evolve?


Behavioral Biology can provide answers to this intriguing question. Joy comes from drives. Joy in performance results from:


  • Flow, or the joy inherent in a couriositiy drive as a means of combating routine work and uncertainty — accepting challenges and losing one’s self in activity.

  • Recognition, or the joy in our aggressive drive as a means of combating frustration and “go-slow” attitudes toward work — recognizing good job performance, celebrating victories.

  • Belonging, or the joy in our bonding drive as a means of combating distrust and attrition — taking joint action, experiencing community.

Management means: Utilizing the drive potential in the working world. This is not fashionable; it’s a law of nature.

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